SUMMER SOLSTICE, SONGWRITING residency, JUNE 20-22, NUBLU IN NYC Presented by isla

Song Solstice !!!

SONG SOLSTICE with Gabriel Gordon

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Nublu, 62 Loisaida Ave, NYC


Do you want to take your songwriting to the next level? Here’s your chance to do so with me.

When I was 19 years old, I began my training at Jimi Hendrix’ Electric Lady Studios in NYC, working with my heros. I was lucid dreaming each and every day observing musical legends enter the studio, start a song from scratch, mix it to completion and eventually hear it on the radio. Pure Magic. I learned invaluable lessons.

When I went on my first tour with Soup Dragons, the late, legendary studio manager Electric Mary Campbell had me sign my name amongst all of the stars on her office wall. She believed in me from the get!

I’ve traveled the world in search of the perfect song. I’ve played intimate shows in the smallest clubs, played stadiums and shared stages with stars like Bruce Springsteen, Idina Menzel (Frozen), George Benson, Natalie Merchant, Meshell N’Degeocello and many more. I’ve made records with engineers and producers like Ron Saint German, T Bone Burnette, Jim Scott, Pete Smith, Camus Celli, Andres Levin, Hans-Martin Buff and Mousse T. I've played on several late night shows, released 20 of my own albums, recorded on hundreds of other artists albums.

One of the most precious moments in my career was spending time with Joni Mitchell talking about life and sharing our music. I really feel like I could have died then and I would have been fine. But I’m still here. Here to share my love of music and what I learned with you. I am here to share my thoughts about poetry, chord progressions, alternate turnings, arrangement, composition and performance. And to listen to you!

I now live on a beautiful farm on an idyllic Danish island in Denmark. My wife and I are building a songwriting residency from scratch. One day you can come visit. But for NOW, you have an incredible chance to join me for the once-in-a-lifetime in-person songwriting seminar Song Solstice at the historic music venue Nublu in the East Village in NYC.

Don’t wait! Yes, you’re good enough, yes you’re an artist. There’s only 12 spaces for songwriters to join! Do you have a dream? Let’s make music. Let’s make history!

See you in NYC!

16+ June 20-22, 2024 2pm-5pm each day

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