New Album Mr. Miller

Mr. Miller was produced and recorded at Motherbrain Studios in Brooklyn by Brain Bender. Mark Plati mixed the album at Alice's Restaurant in Manhattan. Roman Klun mastered the album at Innsbruck Recorders in Brooklyn. The songs were written between the Big Sur coast of California, Silverlake in Los Angeles, Charlottenburg in Berlin, Linden in Hanover and all over New York City with songwriting collaborations by Robert Philipp, Joel Shearer, Jason Nye, Christof Littmann and Jesse Murphy. The band consists of Gabriel Gordon (guitars and vocals) Andy Hess (bass), Tony Mason (drums), Shawn Pelton (drums), George Laks (keyboards) and Jonathan Anderson (keyboards). The album features many stellar talents: Meshell N'Degeocello, Chocolate Genius, Natalie Merchant, Avi Bortnik, Brian Mitchell, Heather Christian, Aaron Johnston, Jason Darling, Bill McHenry, Andrew Roachford, Vernon Reid, Brian Bender and Juliana Zarzycki. It is a tribute to Henry Miller and his Big Sur years.

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